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I have been facing clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces since 1983.  I currently have my own D.T. Woodwinds line of hand-faced and voiced clarinet mouthpieces. My professional line of mouthpieces are hand-crafted from what I feel are the finest new and vintage hard rubber blanks available. My new student clarinet mouthpiece is plastic, but hand-faced like my professional models. I have lines of Bb Soprano Clarinet, Eb Sopranino Clarinet, Bb Bass Clarinet, Batons, and beautiful Ringless Exotic Wood Barrels currently in the D.T. Woodwinds line of products. 

I am an authorized dealer of Legere, Vandoren, Rico, and Doctor's Products. Reeds and accessories are at a considerable discount off of current list prices. I currently accept custom orders as well as refacing/revoicing work. In addition to new products I stock used clarinets and vintage mouthpieces when available. All vintage mouthpieces are cleaned, evaluated, and sanitized before leaving my shop. I offer a 10 day money-back guarantee, less a $10 restocking and cleaning fee, on all D.T. Woodwinds mouthpieces that I have made.


Don Turoso

D.T. Woodwinds


D.T. Woodwinds #12 Zinner Bb & Eb, and Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces

"That clarinet piece you sent me is a work of art!!" - Mark Vinci, Teacher at The Julliard School of Music, Skidmore University

D.T. Woodwinds Blackwood and Kingwood Clarinet Barrels 

"I am currently playing Don's barrels on my B-flat and A Clarinets; beautiful in both sound and appearance, with gorgeous, aged, handcrafted wood, each barrel is a work of art." - Dr. Dennis Nygren, Retired Professor of Clarinet at Kent State University

D.T. Woodwinds Custom Vintage 2 Small Bore Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece "The Charles Chedeville Model DTV2 is absolutely perfect! I have never experienced such 'ring' in my tone." - Larry Schauer, Symphony and Chamber Clarinetist, Winchester, VA  

D.T. Woodwinds Vintage 1 Clarinet Mouthpiece

"...by far one of the best overall mouthpieces I have ever played.  The tone is dark and rich with friendly resistance.  the pitch is solid in all registers with accurate overtones and ease of response, especially in the high register." - Michele Monigold, Instrumental Music Teacher Jackson Local Schools 

D.T. Woodwinds Barrels for Bb, A, and Eb Clarinet, Refaced Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece

"I have been performing with Don's barrels for the last several years, using both his Blackwood and Kingwood barrels.  They resonate the sound beautifully, producing a focused, ringing, and warm tone.   Intonation is excellent, particularly in the upper clarion and throat tone registers.   His e-flat barrel and refaced e-flat mouthpiece combine together to create a rich and dark sound for the e-flat.  I have been extremely happy with his equipment and highly recommend it!" - Kristina Belisle Jones, Retired Professor of Clarinet, University of Akron

D.T. Woodwinds Vintage 1 Clarinet Mouthpiece, Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece, Blackwood Bb Clarinet Barrel

"...Sound very centered, great dynamic range, slightly darker than what I'm playing up to now" - George Shernit Woodwind Specialist, Baritone Saxophonist w/ The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra

D.T. Woodwinds Blackwood Bb Clarinet Barrel

"Just wanted you to know how delighted I am with the new clarinet barrel you made me.  The sound from day one was superior to anything else I've tried and the tweaks you made subsequent to accomodate my needs as a saxophone doubler wer perfect.  The pitch and tone have exceeded my expectations." - John Klayman Tenor Saxophone soloist w/ The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra

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